In Loving Memory,

Daniel Taylor Brumfield, M.D.

2/6/30 to 2/11/13
You will forever be in our hearts!

Here are a few photos I have come up with to start my Dad's memory page!  I will be adding more as they come in.  Please enjoy and take a moment to share a story of how Daniel Brumfield touched your life.  It would mean so much, to us all in the Brumfield family.  

We miss him greatly!  He spent his life helping people, whether it be in medicine, in coping with life, in riding and showing horses or in just about everything you could imagine.  He would even save a wounded bird or an insect, even a mouse that he had for 10 years, and a baby dove that he and my mom raised and had for 13 years!  

He was a writer, from poetry to writing songs to full manuscripts.  He spent his life learning and had endless research on yawning and sighing!  He was an outstanding Del Mar Race Track physician
, a football player, a hot rod enthusiast, an inventor, a loving husband to our mom  but most of all the best dad in the world!  

His horses loved him.  Anyone who witnessed Dan working with a horse, could see a respect between man and horse that was beyond magic.   He had a way with horses like no other.  I will never forget, when we visited Bommala Bobby in her retirement she turned her head toward my dad when he called out her name and then she walked over for the special under the jaw scratch that my dad always gave her upon greeting her!

Enjoy viewing this page decorated with a ranch sunset that I took on February 15, 2013, a view that our dad took in so many times, the view that is the reason behind buying the ranch upon the bluff, his ranch.  Scroll through some photos old and new, and then underneath play a song that he said was Dan and Deanne's song.  At the end is a  place where you can leave a special comment.  Thank you so much for being a part of our lives, my dad's life, the love continues!


Dad posing with family after Graduating USC Medical School
left to right Paul and Barbara Joseph, Elizabeth Brumfield, Daniel Brumfield, Deanne Brumfield his wife front, David Brumfield and Elva his wife front, Farron Brumfield my Dad's cousin *actor John Bromfield

Dara, Dad, Rylee, Me, Debbie Fallbrook 2006

Mom and Dad at my Wedding 1996

Dad and his brother Uncle David on set in our western Cara de Nino

The training begins with John Taylor, his pride and joy!

Dara and Dad off the coast of Northern California

One of my favorite pictures of my Dad holding my dog Comet, 1984

When My Undle David passed in 2006, Dara and I drove my Dad to his services in Aptos.  My dad really changed as he was so broken up at the loss of his brother.  

1984 Dad schools my horse William, show name Colonnade registered name Power Bill by Power Ruler.  Love this photo of Dad!

New Year's Day trail ride on Nations his mare.  2007

Here dad is at his 79th surprise Birthday that my sister Debbie put on, he is with his sister Barbara.

Dad and Rylee Oregon 1998

Dad with baby John Taylor

Having a Malt with us at Red Robin, he loved ice cream!

John Taylor recovers from a long lay up due to surgery and comes back into training and winning his first time out!

I put this picture up of his Granddaughter Rylee because I dressed her up and took photos for an album as a gift to my Dad for Father's Day!  He really loved this picture!!!

A Great Grandpa!  He taught Rylee so much!

Our all time favorite photo taken when Dad was 19 years old, with his hotrod!
Dad I was just thinking, maybe you will be riding Bommala Bobby again!

Uncle David, Aunt Barbara (twins)  and Dad

Daniel left and David right, how many brothers play football together?

Left to Right, one of our all time favorite photos:  Uncle Paul, Aunt Barbara, Ronny, Deanne Debbie, Daniel, Dara, Randy, Daina and my Uncle Gill posing as the Marlboro Man, our dogs Peanuts left and Kelpie right.

Dad with my daughter Rylee

Dad with me, I as born 1 month pre-mature looking pretty content here :)

Written by Dad, I love it!

Dad, Aunt Barbara and Uncle David
on Morningstar Way, Los Angeles, CA

Baby Daniel Taylor Brumfield

Daniel was the youngest of 9 children

Dad as a baby with  Uncle David and Aunt  Barbara   

Uncle David left and my Dad right

Dad playing out front with Undle David and Aunt Barbara

My mom left, Aunt Barbara and Uncle Paul and it looks like my dad is explaining something or an idea sitting outside of our front porch.  The ranch house was red and other than that looks pretty much the same except for the fact that my dad pulloed all of the shrubs and ivy from it.They must have just bought the place then.

Dad, actress Corrine Calvine who at the time was married to Farron (John Bromfield) my dad's cousin and Uncle David, these photos are priceless!  Cute little black spaniel!

My Dad, Farron Brumfield actor John Bromfield and my Uncle David


How many people from back in the day were at this Del Mar National show in the late 60's to see my Dad and Bommala Bobby,!  I was just a baby and I can remember!  "...Let's Go Bobby!"


Our beautiful Mom & Dad
Married for nearly 57 years this March 9th

No words can explain how much we will miss my mom and dad together at the horse shows!

Dan & Deanne Brumfield
ღ  March 9, 1956  

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