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Trainer Dara Brumfield

Dara has empathy when working with riders and compassion when it comes to training and working with the horses at Carmel Valley Ranch. She has a way of turning both horse and rider combinations into champions!

With a long and excellent standing in the Greater San Diego Hunter Jumper Association, Carmel Valley Ranch is no stranger when it comes to the competitive Southern California horse shows.  

Dara is pictured above with two long time riders of CVR Corey Withsosky and Michelle Peluso, they have been with CVR since they were 7!  

What makes Dara and her family of Carmel Valley Ranch different from the rest is their belief and dedication when working with a particular horse.  The horses at CVR are happy to perform and are good honest jumpers because of this way of thinking.

Dara has an eye when it comes to selecting a horse to perform over fences.  Pictured below was a once in a lifetime horse, that came to Dara knowing nothing when it came to show jumping. Can you guess the breed of the horse below?


Dara also raises and shows Miniature Dachshunds.  She is an advocate for animals and occasionally fosters dogs  for the Second Chance Dog Rescue.  If you are ever looking for a dog you might want to contact Dara, for she may be able to find your forever companion!

Dara with Louie at the Del Mar show, and pictured right with husband Jose Luis Montellano.

Carmel Valley Ranch  takes pride in breeding and raising their own horses for the hunter jumper ring.  Below is a ranch bred and raised mare that is the result of two lines bred by Dr. Daniel T. Brumfield of Carmel Valley Ranch. Nations is the dam of Buchannon, a 5th generation ranch breeding!


Nations is sired by CVR's Dutch bred Stallion John Taylor who was by Argus and out of a mare by First Class, Oldenburg.

Dr. Daniel T. Brumfield took a hand selected Thoroughbred mare and crossed her to Argus the result was a once in a lifetime magnificant stallion, John Taylor.   Through complications his stallion days ended but his blood carries on in his daughter Nations and her son Buchannon.

You might find Dara out enjoying life on her beautiful paint stallion MCS Braveheart.  Braveheart goes out on the trail, shows in jumpers, swims  and  goes in parades!

Trainer Daina Brumfield-Ryckman

Daina and her daughter of Ryckman Equestrian reside and train at Carmel Valley Ranch.   Both Daina and Dara work closely together often sharing training ideas and occasionally filing in for one another during lessons. It's not too uncommon for a little horse trading amongst the sisters!  

The Brumfields support each other and horses like Treasure on the lower right, was bought by Daina and her Dad when they found him as wild yearling.  With a lasso around his neck, and afraid of everyone, he came a long way, showing at the Del Mar National in the young jumper class.

Finnian and Daina clearing a good sized Swedish oxer in the A/O Jumper Classic at the Del Mar National 1987.  Finnian won Champion at that show and many others he competed in with Daina from 1985 to 1988.  Finnian was selected purchased by Dara Brumfield, later bought by their father Daniel Brumfield.  From there he trained Finnian using the same techniques he used to train Bommala Bobby and many other  CVR horses.  Daina coached by her dad and sister, rode like the wind to victory!

Rylee Ryckman

Rylee & Mujo at a summer A show.  Rylee showing a young CVR Tb gelding Supremacy.  Barn name "Big Dan" as you might have guessed it, he  was selected and purchased by Daniel Brumfield!

Rylee Ryckman follows in her mother's footsteps when it comes to riding and training. She is gaining experience on the Thoroughbred ride and developing feel of the American sport horse.  She is also schooled by her Aunt Dara.

Visit  Ryckman Equestrian at

Deborah Francis Drastrup

Deborah resides in Fallbrook Califonia and is the eldest of the Brumfield daughters. She once showed all of her parents green horses and most notably competed on Miles Greenwood.  The two of them, back in the day, would come into the show arena impeccably turned out.  She would spend countless hours grooming him into a champion and tailoring and sewing her own custom hunt coats .  These days Deborah enjoys training her Dutch Friesian gelding, Onyx and her latest addition Magnetico, an Andalusian gelding.

Deborah is also a owner and handler of Rhodesian Ridgebacks.


.: The Brumfields

We are sad to announce the passing of Daniel T. Brumfield.  Please take a moment to see his special In Memory page designed to celebrate his life, share his favorite song to our Mom and leave a special comment.
In Memory

Dr. & Mrs. Brumfield 

Horse owners since childhood, Dr. and Mrs. Brumfield became heavily involved with hunters and jumpers in the mid 60's.  Dr. Brumfield trained Bommala Bobby, and both he and Mrs. Brumfield rode in the hunter and jumper classes throughout the Pacific Coast.   Many champions have been bred and trained at the ranch since that time.  Currently they continue to breed and train their own horses and can be visited at the ranch.- Dr. Daniel T. Brumfield, 1999

.Bommala Bobby with Dianne Grod in the irons clearing 6'10" at the Los Angeles Forum International horse show. Bobby was owned and trained by Daniel Brumfield.  Standing just about 16 hands, Bommala Bobby was a registered AQHA who later earned her ROM.  

Here Bobby and Dan are showing in the Green Working Hunters, before her jumper days!

Deanne Brumfield in the Amateur hunters with Bommala Bobby.

Dianne Grod on one of Bobby's offspring Bommala Babe, bred by the Brumfields of Carmel Valley Ranch.  Babe became a Champion Open Jumper.

Dr. Brumfield on The Bachelor at Indio, CA.

A favorite photo of Deanne Brumfield from back in the day.  She has an always will remain the rock of Carmel Valley Ranch!

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